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Mission Statement

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is an organization made up of nearly 750,000 men and women just like you, engaged in every type of employment. Their needs and goals are the same as yours, however, they have the personal strength, and human dignity that come from belonging to a world respected labor organization which helps it's members live better, freer, and fuller lives. IBEW members stand united in local unions in all 50 states, in Canada, Puerto Rico,and the Panama Canal Zone. The IBEW provides imaginative and responsible leadership, and has an outstanding reputation for being a progressive union. It is an important member of the AFL-CIO family of unions.

Service Contract Job Postings

RBOS1-2016-0047, Maintenance Electrician, Mayport $30.70 hourly

Post date: 6/3/016
End date: 7/12/16

RBOS1-2016-0046, Stock Clerk, Jacksonville $16.44 hourly

Post date:6/30/16
End date: 7/12/16

RBOS1-2016-0045, Sign Painter I, Jacksonville $25.06 hourly

Post Date:6/20/16
End Date: 6/29/16

RBOS1-2016-0044, Sign Painter I (TEMP), BIC First Shift Blount Island $25,06 hourly Plus $10.57 in lieu of benefits

Post Date:6/16/16
End Date: 6/27/16

RBOS1-2016-0043, Janitor, BIC First Shift Blount Island $12.04 hourly

New Electrician/Diver Training Opportunity!

Announcement: IBEW Local 177 (IBEW 177) together with the Jacksonville Academy of Electrical Technology (JAET) is proud to announce that they have joined forces with the Industrial Diving Institute, LLC (IDI) to offer IBEW Local 177 members with an opportunity to receive Industrial Diver Training.

Green Building and Alternative Energy in Jacksonville

Working with the best Electricians in Jacksonville means that customers of our signatory contractors are able to reduce their ongoing energy and operating costs, and create healthier, safer, and more productive working environments for their workers, improving productivity and profitability.


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