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Continuing a trend of filling labor-related posts with experienced pro-worker nominees, President Biden has selected Susan Tsui Grundmann and Kurt Rumsfeld for seats on the Federal Labor Relations Authority.   “Federal workers can breathe a little easier now that President Biden has not only filled these vacancies, but has done so with experienced individuals who understand the importance of the work that our federal workforce does,” said Government Employees Director Paul O'Connor.   The FLRA oversees disputes between federal agencies and their employee unions. If... Read More
Historic and transformational change for America’s infrastructure and jobs is the order of the day on Capitol Hill as negotiators seek to construct legislation containing President Biden’s bold plan for America. At issue are plans to build the charging infrastructure necessary for widescale adoption of electric vehicles, buses, trains and trucks and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in roads, transit, the electrical grid, passenger and freight rail, broadband and water infrastructure.   After President Biden helped negotiate it, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act... Read More
It was almost déjà vu when Denver Local 68 journeyman wireman Julian Aguilar met President Biden at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on September 14 outside Denver.   “I know I just now met Joe Biden for the first time in my life, but I feel like he’s had my back for years,” said Aguilar, a second-generation member of Local 68. “President Joe Biden is not just pro-union. He’s pro-people. He’s pro-America.”   Biden saluted IBEW electricians as “the best in the world,” as he thanked Aguilar and discussed the urgency of renewable energy.   “Whether you’... Read More
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Working with the best Electricians in Jacksonville means that customers of our signatory contractors are able to reduce their ongoing energy and operating costs, and create healthier, safer, and more productive working environments for their workers, improving productivity and profitability. As more and more companies, developers, commercial real estate firms, healthcare facilities and others in Jacksonville strive for energy efficiency via the LEED Certification, the Jacksonville Electricians are poised to deliver the benefits listed above to architects, general contractors, and whoever we... Read More